Tuesday, January 1, 2008

What is Weighing You Down?

I decided to start the Best Life Diet, by Bob Greene, and promoted by Oprah. I have been struggling to do Weight Watchers for years. I think it is a wonderful program and is a healthy, reasonable way to loose weight, but for whatever reason I just was not sticking to it. I had to try something different.

So, I asked for the Best book for Christmas, planning on just reading it for reference, but after looking at the scale and looking at myself, I knew I had to do something different.

I am in phase 1...I eat a healthy breakfast, I stop eating 2 hours before I go to bed, no alcohol, 3 meals a day with 1-2 healthy snacks, a multi vitamin, an omega 3 vitamin, and a calcium supplimient...finally I am to increase my energy level. You don't have to limit or monitor your food intake for the first phase (4 weeks). This I CAN do.

Also, and probably the most important, you start to really look at yourself and your life to figure out why the hell you keep putting on so much weight. What drives you to the fridge? Why do I put weight back on, quit on diets quickly, or look for just about any excuse I can to eat? These things I AM dealing with in Phase 1, and, probably, for the rest of my life.

I am doing really well so far, and I am praying that I can keep this up. In order to do that, I MUST figure out what is driving my eating desires, what is weight me down....

Think about it, you are worth it.

Oh yeah, and I can't weigh in for 4 weeks, that is going to be a huge struggle. I have asked my husband to hide the scales, because I normally weight myself atleast 1 a day, usually more.

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Kate said...

glad you are switching programs...a little change might be just what you need. another good book is 'You on a diet' my dr oz. its not a diet...its just information about your body...really interesting. also an oprah recommendation! *grin*

glad you can read the blog now! i seriously want to get together. i am doing some work now so once my schedule gets set, let's plan something