Monday, September 10, 2007

Diet Coke and Cinnamelts Please....

I packed up my son and headed into town; I was going to get drive-thru. The whole time I was battling in my head what I should get and what I shouldn't get and how it was silly for me to be paying for food when I didn't really want something.

So, I did what every reasonable person would that is trying to loose weight, I drove through the golden arches, got a diet coke, and a chicken sandwich (fried), fries, and oh, yeah, cinnamelts.


I am going to give up fast food. No kidding.

You have probably wondered where I am, how my weight loss is going. I must say that I am still in the same place I have been for years, frustrated and with little faith in myself. I have gained weight, yeah, gained, and have been half-heartedly battling the bulge ever since I last posted.

I kept thinking, I need to post again. Then I thought, what would I post about? That I have a ton of people holding me accoutable, cheering for me, praying for me, yet I still fail? That, I got a new scale, started rewarding myself for working out, and started meeting with two wonderful women every Saturday morning, yet I still fail? Cried to myself, cried to my husband, cried with my husband, cried to God, yet I still fail?

I am so so very sick of this battle. It is a long long road, but I'm sick of loosing.

more to come, hopefully about success.


Kate McDonald said...

sarah, sweet woman! i have been thinking of you and praying for you... this battle is such a hard one. i know from experience. i just got up this morning and had to talk myself off the ledge before i dove into the pantry and ate everything in sight! so i know..and i am praying for you! i am in ohio for a little while until the house sells and we figure out what is next. i'd love to see you!


Laura said...

Don't give up. We are all going to have days when we fail to make the best choices, but if God blesses you with waking up the next day he has blessed you with another oppurtunity to suceed! You can do this. Keep your head up. I have not given up fast food, but I have looked at the nutritional guide for each fast food place that we visit. This way I automatically know if we go to Taco Bell I will have a grilled steak soft taco or a chicken ranchero soft taco fresco style. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

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