Tuesday, October 2, 2007

$500 Cookies

I went home this last weekend to see my neices compete in the county fair.

Fairs are the devil...

Or atleast the food is.

I didn't do bad I thought, but when I got home the scale told me different. Oh well...back on the wagon again!

The cool news is my neice baked cookies for a junior competition and got grand champion. The cookies were then auctioned off and the buyers paid $500! She was so excited I wanted to cry for her. I once sold a cake at the same fair for $400. It seems crazy I know, but just the fact that the community supports the youth in such an amazing way is really heart warming. Made me miss the small town America I grew up in.

Not too much else to report, oh, go to http://www.sparkpeople.com/, it's a site a friend told me about. I haven't done a ton on it yet, but it's free and let's you track calories, fat, etc. It also has recipees and things like that, looks like a good one!

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Kate McDonald said...

Hey! I signed up at Spark people too..but I think I am listed in a different area since I am still breastfeeding... I liked the site..interesting articles, weight tracker, and all of that.

I am eating vegan now and I got lots of good brand ideas from the forums..exciting.

I don't know if I told you this, but I ended up gaining almost 50lbs with Cohen! I was HUGE. From the time I saw you at the shower until he was born (one month later) I gained 18lbs. It was awful.

I lost some weight when he was born, but still had a ways to go. Between his birth and 5 weeks ago, I hadn't not only NOT lost more weight, but I had actually gained 5lbs. I wasn't eating that bad but I wasn't get out to exercise much and the weight was just not coming off despite my almost contstant nursing.

5 weeks ago I read this book which I cannot recommend because of the language it uses, but the nutrition info was right on. Beth read it after me. It definitely encourages the vegan lifestyle BUT the thing I really took away from it was how much MORE dairy I was getting than I needed...and in fact, I learned alot about how bad dairy is for adult humans. I mean, no other mammal continues to drink milk after childhood and no other mammal drinks another animal;s milk. Just like our milk as mamma's is meant to fatten up our babies, cows milk is intended to grow a little calf into a couple thousand pound cow! ANd just like our babies get that 'drunk on milk' look after nursing because the milk has an addictive property, so does cows milk. its meant to be addictive so the baby cow will keep coming back for more and grow properly. i know in our country, there is a big 'got milk' 'milk does a body good' campaign, but the truth is our country consumes more cows milk than other country and we have the highest rate of osteoporosis! countries in africa where milk is not available actually have the lowest rate of osteoporosis.

ANYWAY...i am worked up about this...can't you tell? *girn*

i don't want to preach... i did get off milk and dairy products (and it was a bit hard for the frist few days as my body adjusted and the cravings flared up and then left) and 5 weeks later I weigh almost 20lbs less! I am not depriving myself and I am not hungry or being restrictive and I feel GREAt. Beth has lost 5lbs too. (She was already thin) I had some cheese a few days ago and I about gagged on it and I felt so 'heavy' later. I don't even want it now.

I am drinking lots of water and adding some fiber (thank you metamucil) a few times a day..I drink this AWESOME TASTING homemade juice all morning and then eat as much fruit as I want. I eat a big salad with lunch and then whatever else I want with it and then same for dinner. The other thing someone told me to try (which seems to be helping) is that I don't eat anything (drink only water) after 6pm and I don't start drinking my juice until I feel hungry in the morning. I was hungry first thing for a few weeks, but now I am not hungry until about 10.

Anyway, I AM ROOTING FOR YOU. and if you are interested in learning more about milk let me know. if you think you can give it up, i bet it would help you tons. milk is very mucous-y and blocks the digestive system, which makes us feel heavier too...

Ok. I am done. My brother's wedding is the weekend and we have family here for awhile, but after next weekend, I would love to get together!!!