Friday, November 2, 2007

Serious about Being Serious

So, I hate to keep posting when I'm not making positive progress. I have continued to gain weight week after week lately, which has been very discouraging. I know I deserve it, but I just hope against all reality that I will be rewarded for WANTING to change vs actually CHANGING.

This week in my bible study I asked that people pray that I get serious. That I was so tired of asking for help and then not being serious.

I blame others for my lack or discipline, I blame the time of year (Halloween candy), job (sometimes stressful), being tired, being happy, being busy, being bored....pretty much I blame everyone but myself.

So, I am stripping away the things that I blame and rely on too much...right now I am not getting accountability calls, I'm not rewarding myself for working out, my goal is to just do it.

I need to get serious! My mini goal is to loose 10-15 lbs by Christmas. I will try to report my progress each week.


Just Nancy said...

I'll check in with you. I've decided to get serious about this Weight Watcher's thing, too. I know I make the choices, not the time of year, not other people, me! And I need God's help to do it. If my body is a temple, then being overweight is not being a good steward of what He's given me!

Thanks for reminding me that others are struggling, too.

Just Nancy said...

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