Thursday, May 17, 2007


I got my blood work results back. I had high cholesterol...including high bad cholesterol, and high insulin levels. The doctor is putting me on some medicine for the insulin. I'm not diabetic...not yet anyway.

It is time to bet my butt in gear and joking around anymore and thinking I'm young and I can do anything and that I carry my weight well and that I am heavy but healthy.

I am pretty sure I am insulin resistant...what does that mean? Well, from what I've read it means you have high insulin, but you are not diabetic. If left alone it can turn into type 2 diabetes. Symptoms include-weight gain, fatigue, weight gain around your abdomen, hard time loosing weight, craving sugar and high-carb items, and some other things. I have all of that.

I go on medicine for 1 month to try and get my weight down and insulin and chloresterol under control.

I am 27

I am too young for this.

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Kate McDonald said...


I want you to know you are on my mind a lot and I am praying for you...

I know you can get this under control.

Thanks for sharing your struggles and journey.