Sunday, March 18, 2007

Surgical Prayer

Today at church we talked about community. It was a part of a series of sermons my pastor was doing. Today's talk was on a community needing a common purpose to bond them together. It was a good sermon.

One thing he talked about was how uncomfortable real community can be. Real meaning you share true feelings. You share your hopes, your dreams, your struggles....and, you give each other permisison to correct you in a loving way.

That is scary.

He said we tend to be broad with our problems when we speak to each other. We say, please pray for some decisions we have to make this week....or, we are struggling in our marriage right now, please pray for us. But, we should really be specific, maybe because it will help us realize when prayers are really answered, maybe because we should just really share what is on our hearts, no matter how uncomfortable.

His example:

If you had cancer and was going into surgery, would you want the doctor to say something like,
We don't really know where the cancer is
So we will just operate in this general area
Take out some stuff
And then we will probably get it?

I'm guessing your answer is no. But yet we treat prayer this way. Sure, God knows what is going on in our lives...but why are we so scared to share the messy details with each other?

Give surgical detail to your prayers and hopes and dreams my friends...let the true community build like we all really want in our lives.

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