Saturday, March 17, 2007

You can't replace chips with carrots

You can't replace chips with carrots and think that you have solved all your problems. You are still substituting food for an emotion. Sure, it's a better choice, but when one of those wicked emotional times come up you will laugh at the idea of eating carrots for comfort, and rip open the bag of lays.

You will never be able to completely remove yourself from hard food situations. Everyone will continue to celebrate with food. Krispee Cream will continue to offer free donuts for straight A's, Sue will continue to order birthday cakes for the office, and you will continue to feel.

We talked today at Weight Watchers about emotional eating. I have a friend that joins me at the meetings. I had missed last weeks topic and therefore, the announcement of this weeks topic. Allison said, this is a good one for you to go to. She knows me well.

I had tears in my eyes almost the whole time we discussed the emotional eating. Part of it was because I was realizing more and more about myself and the journey I must take. Part of it was the relief of not being alone. Here was a room full of people struggling with their weight like me, and all of them ate to fill an emotion instead of feeling it.

Feel, don't feed, your emotions.

That is the lesson I must embrace. Reframing is what Weight Watchers calls it. Picture yourself during an emotional time (it can be any emotion) and the frame around it is how we handle that emotion. Replace the current way of acting (current frame) with the way you want to act in your mind (reframing). Practice reframing when you are not in the depth of that emotion, because if you try to reframe when you are in the middle of some battle it will seem impossible.

By the way, I gained .4 lbs this week...sickening really! I deserved to gain but hoped beyond all hopes that I would loose anyway. I think I will learn eventually that a plan works if you stick to the plan.

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Aimee said...

This weeks topic was a good one. I can totally relate. I feed my emotions with food, no matter what the emotion is. I know I eat mainly at night when I'm feeling lonely. Food is a constant companion for me. It's something I have to work on. Don't beat yourself up about the gain this week. Give it a nod and move on. Just focus on THIS week. YOU CAN DO IT!!!