Sunday, April 1, 2007

Eat Your Heart Out Superman

I had a full day today. I was up earlier than I wanted to be with the little one, but he smiled and giggles and rolled around our bed so I wasn't in a grumpy mood for very long.

I decided to skip church and have a relaxing day at home. I quickly changed my mind and got Mason and I ready for first service. I felt like Jason wanted me there and wanted to honor that. I'm glad I went.

We have been discussing community in church. Not churchy, tired, surfacy community, REAL community. Community that is available when you need it, community that is loving, in your face, nagging, annoying, full of grace community. The community we all long for but for some reason are scared to live out.

I'm glad I went.

Today's lesson was on the power that we hold as believers. We talked about how we, as children wanted to be superheros (I wanted to be rich and skinny, I don't think that is a super power). We talked about how we dreamed of flying and leaping over buildings and helping people in some crazy way. We talked about how Jesus healed the blind, raised poeple from the dead, made the lame walk, fed the 5000.

Jesus was a superhero.

Then, we went over verses that I have heard a 100 times before, but never really thought about. Dave talked about how we have all the powers that Jesus had on earth, more so in fact. He (Jesus) said that we could do more than he had done because of the Spirit dwelling inside of us, if we only had faith.

Eat Your Heart Out Superman.

So....what is wrong then?

All around me people are sad, depressed, angry, disappointed, hurt, sick, dying. More so, people are dull. We are living safe, normal, non-superman lives.

I myself am so wrapped up in my weight issues, the battle of the bulge (the bulge is winning), that I forget about everything else.

I forget about Jesus and what he really wants us to do.

So, how do we experience superhuman powers?
We get closer to Jesus.
How do we get closer to Jesus?
We serve others.


We serve others.
Phillipians 2:3-7 ...consider others better than yourselves...made himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant.

My friends, strangers, weight loss buddies. I hope you are all still reading, whether believers or not, I hope you are all still reading.

Want to get over your own problems? Want to see some amazing, unexplainable things happen? What to be a superhero?

Serve others.

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