Saturday, April 14, 2007

In Between My Ears

I was going for 16 weeks at Weight Watchers. 16 consecutive weeks. But, as I was getting closed I became very discouraged at the fact that I weighed the same as I did when I started.

I didn't want to have 16 weeks of yo-yo weight recorded that didn't go anywhere.

So I started over today. It was cheaper anyway. The woman who lead me through the re-registration process was wonderful. She said, you can keep your old book.

I think she saw the look on my face....

And then said, or, if it will depress you, hold you back, we'll get rid of it and you will have a new start.

I gladly went with the 2nd option.

So today I get a fresh start. The meeting was about not using a "Get Me Off The Hook" Excuse. I use those every single day, no kidding. Here are some examples:

My mom made home made cake, I can't turn it down, it will hurt her feelings.
Ritters just opened and it is so nice outside, let's go get ice cream.
I had a bad week, let's go out tonight.
I'm tired but want to stay awake to spend time with my husband, I'll drink this Mt. Dew.
Work has free pizza...I mean, it's free, how can I turn that down?

Weight Watchers is not about not eating. That is what I love about it. You can have what you love, but you must plan. When you get rid of rationalizing, excuses, and replace it with planning, you will win the battle.

I was reminded today that my weight loss battle is not won/lost in my stomach, or my theighs, or my rear end;). I will win/loose this battle by using my mind. Our weight loss leader, who is a wonderful, wise woman today said, the most important part of your weight loss journey is the 4 inches between your ears.


Krissie said...

And what will matter isn't the time it took you to get to your gowl. What will matter is that you will acheive something wonderful.
It was good to see you back. I check your blog daily. I was starting to worry.
Have a blessed Sunday!

Kate McDonald said...


girl i am praying for you...can i just commend you for having the guts to keep this journal online? and to keep trying? you are a very strong, honest woman, you are blessing others by sharing your struggles.

thank you!