Monday, April 16, 2007

Quaker Oats Snacks

This is just a quick post to tell you about some good, quick breakfast items I have found. Quaker Oats is making some "on-the-go" snacks now that are pretty yummy. They have a good source of fiber and protein in them. Just watch your points. Some are 4 points, some are 3, some are 2. They are in the aisle with Nutrigrain bars and things like that. I currently have a breakfast bar (4 points) that is cinnamon and brown sugar...warm it up 10 secs and it is YUMMY. I also am trying blueberry breakfast bars (2 points) that are good too, a little smaller.

They have breakfast cookies too that I haven't tried yet, but as my weight watchers leader said, there is just something about having the words "breakfast" and "cookie" together that makes them sound oh-so-good;).

Track points and have a great day!

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