Friday, April 20, 2007

Fake It Until You Make It

I was going to title this blog, I don't want to weigh in. My weigh ins are Saturday morning. I picked this so that my husband and I could still go on a date Saturday evening without me freaking out about my weight.

But, today my parents came into town and I used that as my excuse to be bad. I ate out for 2 of my meals, drank a regular soda, and snacked (though on low-point food) WAYYYYYY to much.

So, I don't want to weigh in.

But, as I was typing it I remembered something a friend told me several months ago. She is part of a Yahoo support group that is on WW and one of the lady's was saying, Fake it until you make it.

From my understanding she was saying, focus on the good of the week. Talk about what you have learned, what you have done well, what you know is right, rather than focusing too much on what you have done wrong.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't face up to your week and your mistakes, but I think too often we concentrate on those things.

So, what I did well:
I worked out 3 days...once on my elliptical, once on my new bike, and once taking a long walk with my son. I tracked my points 6 days. I tried new, low-point snacks that I was afraid I wouldn't like.

What have you done well?

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Krissie said...

What have I done well? It's more of things that I didn't do. When I felt the need to eat emotionally, I did that with oranges and cereal instead of fast food or junk. When I was put in situations where there were few healthy choices, I only ate half of the portions (half grilled cheese, half cup of cream of tomato soup, half scoop of ice cream). So even though I had indulgences, I only had half of them.
I am severely dreading WI this morning. But we make such a fun day after the meeting. The meeting is about 45 minutes from here, in the closest big town, so we've got other stuff to do there today that will make me go to the meeting. A little shopping and mini golf are sure to lift my spirits.
Hope you are having a good time with your parents!